A Rock & Roll Love Story

It has been said that we all search for meaning and purpose, even if you are young and carefree now. The older you get, the more you will understand that each of us only has a small window to live and could die at any moment. If you weren't raised attending church, you probably only know Jesus Christ as a curse word. Most secular musicians reject God, but some famous names have made the decision to follow Christ. While not all of these artists "live out their faith", each has accepted the truth that Jesus represents. Here are just a few examples, living and deceased: Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Bono of U2, Van Morrison, Scott Stapp of Creed, Mary J. Blige, Alan Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash, Al Green, M.C. Hammer, Marvin Gaye and members of POD. There is an unseen battle going on for every soul on the earth. Ultimately you will have to choose the side you want to be on. The above have chosen light instead of darkness, love instead of hate. This isn't about church or following a bunch of religious rules. It's about getting into the right relationship with God. The Homepage explains how you can join the winning team for eternity.

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